Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Try me Tuesday

Try-me tuesday will be every tuesday and it will be about something new that myself and/or my family will be trying. This week we are going to try to not eat out, for us this is a lot. It will mean planning ahead better and even packing some food for car rides to church, grocery store, friends house's, etc. We as a family eat out to much and DH and I have thought about this and decided that it is not healthy for our family and not teaching our children good eating habits. So this week no eating out, GOD WILLING, and if we do well we might just turn this try-me into a month try-me. That sounds very scary right now though, so this week we are simply going to try to not eat out and I guess also plan our schedule's better so that we don't have to eat out.

Pray for us!!

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