Monday, November 30, 2009

Menu Planning Monday

Normally for this I would do a week's worth of meals but since I am having baby Jacob in 11 days!!! (I am very excited to see baby #3) plus the holiday and family plans I will be making a month long meal plan.

1- Sausage in Crescents with mac and cheese
2- Soup
3- Mini meatloaf with french fries and corn (making 3X normal for freezer)
4- Cheesy Chicken in Rice &veggies (make 3X normal sauce for freezer)
5- Turkey Dinner (will make pot pie's, and casserole's with leftovers for freezer)
7- Taco's
8- Turkey pot pie
9- Chicken Alfredo
10- Freezer Food
11- Up to Daddy-Baby Jacob's Birthday
12- Mini meatloaf, corn, and fries (all will be in freezer)
13- Sandwiches
14- Soup
15- Spaghetti, salad/veggies, and bread
16- BBQ Chicken
17- Calizone's/Pastie's
18- Steak, salad, veggies, potatoes, and bread (my birthday dinner!!)
19- Sausage in Crescents
20- Sandwiches
21- Taco's
22- Cheesy Chicken and Rice (sauce in freezer)
23- Soup
24- Make your own pizza night (tradition started last year!!)
25- Ham dinner with cheesy potatoes, veggies, and bread
26- Turkey Casserole (from freezer)
27- Scalloped potatoes and Ham
28- Eat Out/leftovers
29- Freezer Food
30- Mini meatloaf, fries, and corn (all in freezer)
31- Appetizer Dinner (lots of fun snack foods)

There are several things/meals that I want to make extra of for the freezer this month but on top of all that I have some Christmas Baking that I would like to get done also:

Chex Mix (3 batches)
Surgar Cookie Cutouts (for parties and kids decorating, make TONS)
Breads (sesame seed, cranberry, Cinnamon, banana nut,)
Choc. Chip/Brownie Muffins
Hershey Kiss Cookies

Sunday, November 22, 2009

So very much to do!!

Nesting drive's people like me insane, because I have a mental will to do something and physically unable to (since the baby is on my nerve in my back and my pelvic bone!!) However thanks to Hubby I do have the crib set up in my room and his dresser, his idea and boy was it a good one. I have a mile long to do list (including a honey do list) that I just really want to get done and I don't have the energy.

Since being pregnant and having the baby on the nerve in my back certain things in my house have been lacking in cleanliness such as the kitchin floor (which appears to have a gray tint to it that doesn't belong there) and my bathrooms-the tub, floor, sinks, and mirrors- nothing really gets clean enough in these areas right now and I am praying I get the energy up to do so before I have the baby.
I need my husband to attach/put up the door on Johnathans room, yes we have lived here an entire year and we still do not have his door attached we just drag it back and forth to open and close it which is killing my back/pelvic bone. I also need/want him to replace the bathroom floor (or cover with carpet), put caulk around the kitchen sink and bathtub, fix the hole in my bathroom wall, and let me rest too lol. He does let me rest a lot, thank god for him being home to help this pregnancy has been very difficult. But I get frustrated when he does fix/work on things and I can't rest and have the kids all by myself. Which is truly kinda funny when you consider that as soon as he gets another job he will be back to work and I will have to do it by myself without whinning!!! I will pray for God to help me with this.
Also before the baby comes (december 10th) I would like to finish decorating for Christmas, have all Christmas shopping done and wrapped, and also have about 10-15 meals in the freezer for the nights that I do not want to cook.