Friday, March 20, 2009

Cleaning up the mess...

Well so far I found the bed that was under that giant pile of clothing in the guest bedroom, which is wonderful and my brother in law is very happy to have that space to sleep in while he is staying with us, I have caught up the laundry to a point that just doing one load a day would keep me in the clear as to keeping me from becoming flooded with laundry again. Man I would love a laundry fairy, a fairy that took away all the dirty and replaced it with nice and clean stuff lol. My daughter's bedroom has nothing on the floor, except the giant stain that needs to be cleaned with a carpet cleaner which i need some help with from DH. The kitchen dish's have been almost caught up, currently I do need to go swap out loads once that is done dish's will be caught up. My floors and table are clear and clean. Only major thing left in the kitchen is to get rid of the whole mess of things cluttering up my counters, most of which will go into my office to be officially cleaned and declutterd after the rest of the house is caught up. The play room was cleaned up a few days ago, the guest room is useable, the bathrooms are clean and tidy. So now I need to finsih up the kitchen, laundry, DS and my bedrooms, and then the office's. I think we are about half way through the mess and after afterthing is done I will start "spring" cleaning everything.

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