Thursday, March 5, 2009

Keeping it all together!!

I simply don't think there are enough paperclips here to help me hold it (life) together and keep myself organized. I have given myself many task's that I want to do and accomplish, but more then accomplish I want to accomplish these things with flying colors. lol No I don't think I am crazy.... well either way that is another day and another blog lol. I am writing this blog, Mrs. Lata's Christmas Blog, and Frugal Michigan Blog. Mama's Got Wing's is intended to include most of what happends in our life's and share all of my great, yet random thoughts. Mrs. Lata's Christmas Blog will be about my year long devotion to creating a beautiful, stress free, and frugal Christmas. Frugal Michigan is going to be a blog based site advertising my being frugal and some classes that I intend to teach this year.

Also things that will be on my blog this year (God willing) will be the Camp Cousin camp I will be hosting at my house for all my little cousins (and my kids), any fun volunteer things our family comes across, our frugal family entertainment find's, begining homeschooling with our 3 year old, my gardening for the first year, and all the other fun things that come along with my learning to be a great homemaker (please note I am not calling myself great but stating that I am striving for great.) Then there will be the planned posting of blogs such as menu plan monday, try-me tuesday, and my husband rocks friday. Thanks for reading!!

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