Thursday, September 10, 2009

Working on it....

My husband has been out of work for six months now, two days before he lost his job I thought I might just be pregnant and I was right. We are now six months down the road, thank God for unemployment benifits, state health and food benifits, and loving people whom have blessed us!! My husband's unemployment will be up by the end of the month and I've been worried, God willing he will get an extension and/or a job. We've been living well off of our stockpile and grocery money and up til now I've not thought too much on where more will come from when needed. Two years ago I learned how to coupon, mass coupon-- as in make a stockpile in your house couponing!! This was and still is such a blessing to us, however it has come with some drawbacks, such as not always buying things that we "needed" or might not even use (16 jars of salsa for .30 cents is great, but not if only one person in the house eats it!!) I would like to develop a stockpile that is full time usable as in if something happens I don't have to go to the grocery store for a month unless I want to. I need/want to save money for the future to make sure that we can pay our bills-house payment, electric, gas, phone, and maybe have enough left to keep up tv and internet. I am having a really really hard time becoming a good and happy housewife. (I very much look up to the happyhousewife) I would love to be as good as her some day, which at least gives me a goal right? lol. I often feel very disappointed when DH doesn't appreciate something that I do or want to do, or if he has doubts. This also usually makes me feel very angry towards him, which is not a behavior that I am proud to admit. So I've been doing research and trying to come up with a viable plan for shopping my pantry til it's full and so I will use all these items before they go bad. I currently have a menu plan of 20 meals which was so very, very hard for me to come up with. I fight picky eaters that do not like veggies with my liking veggies and wanting my family to eat healthy. I have choosen these 20 (and very similar ingredients) meals and plan to try some new things that my family will enjoy and God willing be able to add more variety to our meal plan. So for now I am working on a pantry grocery list, and organizing my self and our home. Here are my goals

1) menu plan and follow thru!!
2) pantry shop for useful items only
3) try new meals and add more to menu plan
4) organize kids birthday party's
5) organize mom2mom fundraiser for church
6) find other mom friends (maybe join MOPS)
7) plan Christmas
8) make Christmas presents list--and plan out how to complete
9) organize boys room
10) clean house!!