Monday, March 16, 2009

My Confession!!

I have a confession to make and it's a BIG one, I have been keeping this a big secret. Deep down in me I am a messy, unorganized, pack-rat, and I am a lazy housekeeper. I love the idea of cooking dinner for my family but I hate cleaning up the mess so usually I just leave the mess in the sink, wipe down the table and call it a night. When my kid's make a mess in the play room I usually just shut off the light to the play room and forget about the mess for the night. I just forget about cleaning up the kid's rooms because they spend so little time in them, same with my room. I have a scrap booking area/room that I have never used for scrap booking in the six months I have lived here because it is a mess. I have even moved onto my DH's office and that too is now a mess. I hate doing laundry because I hate putting it away so usually I just use the guest bedroom and toss the laundry on the bed hang what needs to be hung and leave the rest there. Well I am tired of having a dirty house, and so it the rest of my family. My poor husband takes care of our family financially and works his butt off so that I can stay home with our children. He hates things being a mess and has a hard time relaxing in a messy environment becuase it drives him nuts. I am even tired of the mess, I know how much better I feel in the morning when I get up and my house looks nice. Currently I don't want to invite people over without advance notice, so I can hide my mess. Recently I heard on the radio that when you ask God for something you should be taking care of what you already have, the example given was if you ask God for a new car becuase your old one is wearing out then your old car better have been well maintained and cleaned up. Because if you can't show God you appriciate what you have by taking care of it, why should he grant you something else for you to not take care of or appriciate. Well this really hit home, how can my husband possible think that I appriciate all that he does if I can't take care of all he has given us. So last week I cleaned out my mini van, I took 2 grocery bags of garbage out and 1 grocery bag full of toys and whatnots in the house, then I took the van to the car wash vacumed out the entire van and then took it through the car wash. Now I need to get the house in order by cleaning everything up, simplifiing what we have, and eliminating clutter and other usless things. My goal is to make my husband happy and making him proud enough of our home to want to have people over and be able to relax after work.

Anyone who wants to share idea's as per anything they think will help me (no fly lady just doesn't do it for me) please do share.

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  1. I feel this way all the time! I work part-time and am blessed to be able to bring my daughter along (which depending on the day doesn't always feel like a blessing) so by the time I get home I just want to relax. It's certainly hard and my husband works hard to support us too...
    This entry has been the kick in the butt that I need to get going on my mountain of laundry and the other little things I need to get done.