Monday, March 2, 2009

Mama's Wings

Once upon a time a long, long, long time ago I dreamed up this beautiful wonderful picture of what life would be like being all grown up and having babies to take care of and tell what to do. It was a wonderful world in which money did not matter, my kids always listened, and my husband always said "yes, dear" and the house came with a maid. Well the little girl that had that dream grew up and made a complete mess of her life with very little outside help I was slowly partying myself to death. I did things that I can tell you I would yell at any other person for doing because of how stupied and dangerous and thoughtful they were, well that was me. I was a parent's worse nightmare. Three years later I am a happily married stay at home mother of two wonderful little angels. I call my children Angels because I trully bleave they were not just any gift from God, but my saving grace. For had my ways of life not changed, I think that I would have lost my life to my own foolishness. So to me my children are angel's sent from heaven to save me, THANK GOD, and therefore my children are this mama's wing's.

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  1. It looks like this is your first blog post. Welcome to the blog world, I hope to read more on your site soon.