Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Homeschooling Online

Wandering around on the internet this morning I surfed over to youtube.com and found several alphabet songs for my daughter to watch/sing/dance with she enjoyed herself very much. One I found that I really liked and plan to buy the dvd to was Sound Piper it had a wonderful beat to it and she got very excited. My daughter is learning her letters and numbers still she does not recognize the symbol to the sound yet, nor does she always get things in the right order. But I have to give her credit as I haven't worked with her much on this and she is only 3, I try to let my kids be kids and not "force" learning on them as I know they do best learning naturally. So head on over to Sound Piper to check out the music, and enjoy.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I am sorry I've been missing, but I have something to tell you!!!

I have been missing for a short while now but I come prepared to share news with ya'll.... I just found out why I have been so very tired... I am expecting baby number 3. I am so very excited an appreciate all the prayers we can get. I haven't told my husband yet because he just lost his job monday and I don't want to stress him anymore then he is. If anyone thinks that I am wrong in this please do share, I've told a few close friends and they said they also think it would be best for now. I have to go for the night but I will be coming back and regularly updating very soon.