Saturday, February 27, 2010

Super Saturday? Maybe.

So it's been a while since ya'll have heard from me, my house has been sick--countinually. First everyone had this bad cold that turned into upper respiratory infections. Then we all got better, thank GOD, and then we went to a fast food play place to go play and the next day starting with the 2 year old boy we all got the flu. It's been a week everyone but my DH has caught the flu, my DH came to bed last night and said "oh no, I really don't feel good." About 20 minutes later he was in the bathroom loosing his dinner. I feel so bad for him, I can't do anything to help him other then keep the kids from bugging him. There is a ton of stuff I wanted to do today, so I am left frustrated and confused as to if I should bother. GRR!!! Well either way here is my list:

Clip, toss, organize coupons (I have a small laundry basket full-it's needs to be used for laundry)
Meijer Shopping (now I get to take all 3 with me!!)
Clean my Office (I have been avoiding this all month)
Freezer Inventory (I really don't know what's in there anymore, and I need to make room)
Freezer Cooking Plan's (which is why I need to make room) Breakfast's/Chicken/Beef
Blog about my day!!

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