Saturday, February 13, 2010

Freezer Cooking!!

I am so excited to say that that I am freezer cooking!! I tried freezer cooking two years ago and it turned out really bad so I gave up on it. Well for several reason's our budget is very tight, stress on the very. Our family normally eats out several times a week, and we just can't afford it anymore. Plus I'm sure you already know from the presvous statement, our health isn't great and sadly that means we are teaching these habbits to our children-which we don't want to do. So I decided I really needed to give freezer cooking another try since I also can't afford to buy a million freezer meals from the store (which is fine cuz they are not healthy either.) Earlier this week I made 3 chicken pot pie's- one was for dinner and the other two are now in the freezer. Tonight I made six pounds of meat into 30 mini meatloaf's, individual portion size's that way they can be taken out and microwaved as needed. Next up I plan to make chicken, I bought 15lb's of chicken yesturday (and still have 5 in the freezer) I am trying to decide what I should make with all this chicken. Share any idea's if you have them. I'll post when I do the chicken and I'll also post as I use the frozen meals to let ya'll know how they turned out.

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