Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Husband Rocks Friday... a day late!!

My house is full of germs!! We have all had colds/upper respitory infections for two weeks. Well Thursday night my 2 year old DS got the flu!! It is now Saturday morning and we know the 4 year old DD has it and the baby might also have it. Well Friday before my husband went to work knowing I was going to have a rough day taking care of all three kids while one is very sick and needy, he went to the store to get me batteries for the baby's swing. The baby loves his swing he sleeps in it most of the day, without the swing he insists on being held 24/7 and with two other kids that is difficult plus one being sick. My sweet husband knew I was going to have a rough day and he also wasn't feeling good, but wanted to try to make my day a little easier went to the store and god batteries for me so I wouldn't have to suffer a crying baby all day (or drag out all three kids) My husband Rocks for thinking of all the little things to help me!!! He loves me so much, and is a very big help as a husband I am ever so blessed!!

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