Friday, February 5, 2010


I am wonderful at setting goals, that being said I am terrible at follow through. Blame it on my A.D.D. (I do!) but I still have a lot of work to do to get myself where I want to be. I pray often for God to help me become a better Christian, wife, and mother: and God has helped me!! I can tell you I am a different person today then I was two years ago when I had my second child. Back then I wouldn't have cared that the laundry was slowly taking over the house, or that the dishes were starting to lean like that big tower in Italy, and when my daughter drew on the table I probably would have left it there for at least a week before bothering with cleaning it up. Well all that tell's you I am a terrible housekeeper- and boy am I just that much "better" at being organized. So I have been putting a few systems in order to get my house in shape.

1) Do the dishes every morning
2) Bring in mail and toss out junk mail immediately
3) Giant dry erase calendar in my kitchen that I keep all info on
4) Menu Planning

I really want/need to get more cleanliness and organization into my home so here are my goals for the day/week/month:
Fold and put away the three baskets of laundry hanging around the house
Wash all towels/bibs/rugs
Fold and put away all towels/bibs/rugs
Fold and put away all socks (giant basket full)

This Week (today til next Friday):
OAMC chicken -pot pie and cheesy rice casserole
Make Valentine projects with Kid's
-Heart crayons
-Flower Bouquet
-Valentine's Cards
Post coupons for trade on AFC along with ISO list

This Month (Feb):
Organize/clean/de-clutter Scrapbook rm/office
Go through all kitchen cupboards and eliminate unused/wanted items
clean out bedroom closet
clip and organize all coupons

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