Thursday, February 4, 2010

730/365 Challenge

The Challenge: Get 2 items a day out of your house (2 x 365=730) this is an average you can work on once a day week or month whatever works for you the purpose of this challenge is to get some of the extra junk out of your house!!

So here is my January update
6 kids plates (not BPA free so they are out!)
4 picture frames
9 clothing
1 bath mat (we took it out of the tub well over a year ago)

So I've only tossed 20 items but being that this is an average i know I can make up for the 11 items I am missing later, more so I am going to challenge myself to get 100 items out of my house this month!!! BTW when I say toss this could be actually int he garbage, to a friend/relative, or to local thrift store. Check out for more about the 730/365 challenge.