Saturday, January 16, 2010


Rules for Stockpiling:
Some may seem obvious but it took me a while to catch follow through with them

1) Only buy what you will use, if you hate blueberry poptarts it doesn't matter that they were .02 a box, you wasted two cents a box on something you won't eat.
2) Only buy what you can use before the expiration date, free/cheap pasta is awesome but most people don't go through 200 boxes of it before it expires.
3) Rotate your items, this is so they don't go bad
4) When/if you discover you have more than you can use but already have the item give to friends/family or donate some place.
5) You don't use it donate it, or give to family or friends. Often times stores will have deals that you can get free items or even make money off of buying certain things (such as CVS) but you have no use for them, do not stockpile these items as fast as they come into your house get them out of your house!!
6) Organization is key, you need to know what you have and be able to find it. This will stop you from having to go to the store and pay full price for spaghetti sauce because you couldn't find a jar in your stockpile.
7) Keep list's, keep a list of items that you regularly use and keep a list of your stockpile

Those are all i can think of for now, if I think of more I'll edit and add them.

My Price Points: this is the most I will pay for items

Shampoo $1/bottle
Toilet Paper .25cents a roll (up to .28 for Charmin)
Paper Towel .50 cents a roll (but I really hate to go over .30)
Cereal $1/box
Fruit Snacks .50/box
Toothpaste $1/tube (can usually find free)
Toothbrush $1/each (can usually get for less or free)
Diapers .17 per diaper
Pasta sauce $1/jar (this is for brand name stuff)
Pasta .25/box
Meat $2/lb (unless we are talking steak)
Popcorn $1/box
Milk $2 gallon
Macaroni and Cheese .50/box (Kraft brand)
Rice $1/bag
Frozen Veggies .25/bag (steamers)
Crescent rolls .50/tube

The three best things that I have learned from couponing/stockpiling
1) Organization is Key!! Without this all is lost
2) Menu Plan-this makes the most of the stockpile, keeps grocery bill low, stops you from feeling lost at dinner time or from wasting money on going out to eat.
3) The value of a Dollar!!


  1. Wow, I have to say I find a few of your price points a little high, after shopping with you once..But I do have to say you are a great shopper. I have learned alot since I have talked to you last, and have a whole stockpile room with 12 foot wide, 2 foot deep and 6 foot hight worth of shelving FULL plus more on the other side of the room, I tell you it is nice to know I can just walk down and get most things I need...however I need to work on the food part of it all LOL

  2. Okay well remember I did say these are the most I will pay for certain things, but on top of that at certain points my price point is different depending on what is already in the stockpile room. Speaking of which congrats on your stockpile room, how are you and your family doing? Email me to chat more.