Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Couponing and Savings Tracker

I learned the art of couponing two years ago, I am really just starting to "get" how the whole system works and it has taken a long time. Not to say that I am an expert, because I don't think that I am. My Aunt told me about a website called thecouponproject and on the site there is a savings tracker that you can download (this was made and designed by the owner/operator of thecouponproject) at first this Excel program was very confusing to me, not just because I am not familiar with excel but also because I wasn't sure how to read my receipts and how all the savings was calculated on the receipt. First of all I went back to thecouponproject to see what she has been up to latly and I noticed that she now added a better explanation of how to use it. Sadly this is after I spent a couple hours today figuring it all out by myself lol.

Here are my directions:
Meijer: I use the terms which are found at the top of the receipt under Savings Today.
Shelf cost = promotions+coupons+discounts+total (what you actually paid)
Coupons = Promotions (which are meijer coupons)+Coupons
Discounts = non-coupon savings

Kroger: Your savings will be found at the bottom of the receipt, once again using the wording on the receipt.
Shelf cost = coupons+discounts+total (what you actually paid)
Coupons = MFG CPN savings
Discounts= STR CPN & KRO PLUS savings

If I will be using a receipt for a rebate I enter the amount under rebate, and at the end under comments I enter what rebate was for (i.e. Kraft, Nabisco, etc.) Also if I am going to be mailing away for something (coupons or items) I enter this info in at the end under comments. If you enter all the information correct the total should tally what you actually paid without you having to try to alter it. Also I will be adding Catalina's, Extra Care Bucks, and Register Rewards at the end under comments so that I can also track these "extra" savings, because I will be curious what my saving's from just those are however year long when spent they will be counted as coupons.

So far this year, ALL Twelve Days!! My total savings has been $427.69, 129.94 alone of just coupon savings!! I have only spent $205 total out of pocket (oop) For me this covers food, diapers, paper products, cleaning supplies, essentially anything that you would "normally" buy at the grocery store is what I include with my savings tracker. I may actually open another file under the savings tracker for all the other stuff that we buy out to eat, clothing, other house hold purchase's just to keep track of what we save there but also (possiblly more importantly) to see how much we spend on all these items.

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