Monday, November 30, 2009

Menu Planning Monday

Normally for this I would do a week's worth of meals but since I am having baby Jacob in 11 days!!! (I am very excited to see baby #3) plus the holiday and family plans I will be making a month long meal plan.

1- Sausage in Crescents with mac and cheese
2- Soup
3- Mini meatloaf with french fries and corn (making 3X normal for freezer)
4- Cheesy Chicken in Rice &veggies (make 3X normal sauce for freezer)
5- Turkey Dinner (will make pot pie's, and casserole's with leftovers for freezer)
7- Taco's
8- Turkey pot pie
9- Chicken Alfredo
10- Freezer Food
11- Up to Daddy-Baby Jacob's Birthday
12- Mini meatloaf, corn, and fries (all will be in freezer)
13- Sandwiches
14- Soup
15- Spaghetti, salad/veggies, and bread
16- BBQ Chicken
17- Calizone's/Pastie's
18- Steak, salad, veggies, potatoes, and bread (my birthday dinner!!)
19- Sausage in Crescents
20- Sandwiches
21- Taco's
22- Cheesy Chicken and Rice (sauce in freezer)
23- Soup
24- Make your own pizza night (tradition started last year!!)
25- Ham dinner with cheesy potatoes, veggies, and bread
26- Turkey Casserole (from freezer)
27- Scalloped potatoes and Ham
28- Eat Out/leftovers
29- Freezer Food
30- Mini meatloaf, fries, and corn (all in freezer)
31- Appetizer Dinner (lots of fun snack foods)

There are several things/meals that I want to make extra of for the freezer this month but on top of all that I have some Christmas Baking that I would like to get done also:

Chex Mix (3 batches)
Surgar Cookie Cutouts (for parties and kids decorating, make TONS)
Breads (sesame seed, cranberry, Cinnamon, banana nut,)
Choc. Chip/Brownie Muffins
Hershey Kiss Cookies

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