Thursday, August 20, 2009

15 meals my whole family will Eat??!!

This is the challenge handed out by the happy house wife so I am interested and decided to join in. Now I know that often you see menu plans on my blog, but that doesn't mean I always go by it manly because my whole family does always eat all of it... so here are my 15 meals:

1) Spaghetti
2) Chicken Alfredo
3) BBQ Chicken
4) Steak
5) Turkey Dinner
6) Crock Pot Pizza
7) Taco's
8) Sausage and Rice
9) Chicken Pot Pie
10) Monstocholli
11) Kick'n Chicken (same thing as chicken alfredo but with a spice added)
12) Fajitas
13) Breaded Chicken and Fries
14) Meatloaf Volcanoes (these are made in a cupcake pan as mini meatloaf with cheese in the middle)
15) Calizone

However my issue is usually that these meals don't all seem very healthy and I am not sure how to change them up into something more healthy. also there is a lot of ground meat which is something that they all eat but I will not....

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